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Worked as a contributing writer, photographer and editor for this AOL venture to provide local news online to the community. Also act as substitute editor for all three Tri-Cities sites as needed. A few articles from the Patches in the Fox Valley area:

 St. Charles North Ammo Scare

Richard Marx, Hugh Jackman Perform at Sold-Out Arcada Show

School Board OK’s Two Kindergarten Teachers, Assistants


Up and Away: Mooseheart Eaglets Soar at Starved Rock


Residents review Elburn Station plans for 23-year project

Headstones honor World War vets

Public Works contract goes to Wisconsin company 


A Citizen’s Guide to Preserving the Fox River

contributed many environmental articles for this recently-published magazine in cooperation with

The Conservation Foundation, of which I am a member


Another interesting environmental article on an original “witness” tree in McHenry County.

treephotoheaderlogo “Its age isn’t the only astounding thing about it; this tree has been verified as an original “witness” tree used to identify property boundaries by geodetic surveyors in 1837. And it was given historic preservation status by the McHenry County Board in 1999.”

READ THE ENTIRE Daily Herald article

Photo by: Christopher Hankins/DAILY HERAL


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