Sandy Kaczmarski – Work History

Blackburn College

KEEPSAKE: Mentoring students and renting a Sears home

1996 – 1998
As Director of Public Relations and Publications, responsibilities included managing and mentoring a student staff at this work college in developing student yearbook and facebook, writing news releases to promote the college curriculum and provide information on alumni activities, prepare board of directors manual for development and planned giving efforts, editing the alumni magazine and employee newsletter, providing computer training to the students, managing and training for the black and white darkroom, and meeting faculty photo requests.

  • Writing and distribution of news releases in multiple markets (Chicago, Springfield, and St. Louis) to promote programs and facilities
  • Editor of alumni magazine and employee newsletter; interview alumni and publish achievements
  • Writing, editing and photography for facility brochures
  • Student training in 35mm photography, black and white darkroom skills (chemical and equipment purchases; developing film and making prints; purchase digital camera)
  • Update computer systems, software and provide training (set up an intra-office LAN; design first college web site)
  • Manage department budget



N E W S   R E L E A S E


Now that school is back in session, few students are able to top what Dr. Ed Zalisko, biology professor at Blackburn College, did during his summer vacation. Zalisko attended a dig for dinosaur bones in Colorado and Utah and is listed as the official collector of several small bones now being studied in detail by the Dinamation Museum in Fruita, Colorado, near Grand Junction.

Zalisko was one of 25 faculty members from various schools throughout the United States who attended a special course for professors at small colleges. The course was sponsored by the National Science Foundation taught through Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado. Several field trips were made to western Colorado and an area in eastern Utah known as the Dinosaur Triangle, the site of many important dinosaur discoveries.

The group visited a “megatrack site” near Moab, Utah where the new dinosaur Utahraptor and more than a thousand dinosaur footprints, often little more than a small depression, have been discovered. While straying somewhat from the path, Zalisko discovered a set of 20 footprints made by large sauropod (long-necked plant eaters) and therapod (meat eaters) dinosaurs. Each measured more than 20 inches across and had not previously been known to exist.

A day of digging with paleontologist Dr. James Kirkland from the Dinamation Museum unearthed several teeth from meat-eating dinosaurs and many new sauropod bones. Kirkland is the discoverer of Utahraptor and many other dinosaur species, and the world’s leading authority on Cretaceous dinosaurs. He led the group through laboratories where new fossil specimens of T.Rex and several ankylosaurs (large, plated dinosaurs shaped like tanks) were under preparation. During one trek, Zalisko discovered a long, thin bone which was added to the museum’s collections for study with Zalisko9 listed as the official collector.

Zalisko said the trip allowed him to experience the life of a paleontologist. “The course was a remarkable experience to work with real fossils, bright geologists, and leading paleontologists on some of the most interesting animals that every lived,” he said. In studying and interpreting the dinosaur fossils, Zalisko said he learned that a strong knowledge of anatomy is necessary to complete the task.

Founded in 1837, Blackburn College is a four-year, Presbyterian-related, co-educational liberal arts college located 40 miles south of Springfield, Illinois. Blackburn is one of six “work colleges” in the nation where students are required to work in jobs instrumental to the College’s daily operations. The work program receives widespread recognition in American higher education and keeps Blackburn’s tuition the lowest of all private colleges in Illinois and among the lowest in the United States.


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